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Festival Lab Berlinale 2020

Festival Lab BPP - Berlinale Pitch & Play

Mastering your Berlinale with playful storytelling
a two-day on-camera journey
for professional actors & experienced talents

Saturday, 22.02 and Sunday, 23.02.2020
daily 10.30- 15.30p.m

The Festival Lab will be taught in German and English as appropriate.

When we watch great actors play their games and how they pull aces from their sleeves, we ask ourselves: How do they do that? What's their game? Great storytellers all know how to inspire and delight the audience!
No matter how we are trained, what dreams an actor has, the moment comes again and again - in front of the camera, in a casting or audition, in an interview, on set, on stage, in the moment when you are asked to give your whole biography in a single moment, or when the director says ".... and action!'" - that it matters to say "Yes!" to the game.

The actor's objective in that moment, to make an interesting playing offer, is only possible if he knows the art of pitching and playful storytelling. This is, however, only possible for the actor, who knows himself, his personal story, the rules of the game, and how it is played.
Success is when an actor walks out, but leaves a deeply impressive memory of himself in the room. To succeed as an actor, to bravely throw spontaneity and joy into the game, and even having the trump cards in his hand, requires a full awareness of one's own acting potential and the capacity to show it in the right moment.

BPP - Berlinale Pitch & Play is a hands-on exploration of pitching techniques and playful storytelling in the realm of the arts. Get the tools to help to shine when you have a meeting with a director, agent, casting director or producer. Refine your storytelling skills to connect and deliver your own story in a clear, convincing and powerful way, with richer nuance, lighter and more boldly, with humour and grace.
This highly individualized class will focus on your strenghts, adress your challenges, and explore the verbal and non- verbal aspects of storytelling in order to master your future business encounters with a high degree of ease.

The work is partially accompanied by the camera, and we will jointly evaluate the recorded material. Above all of that, we will share a wonderful time.

Greta Amend



About Greta and her students:


For over 12 years Greta has been a trailblazer with her universal, mind-opening and groundbreaking learning concepts for actors and directors - not only in Berlin, where she for example implemented the first open audition for actors in Germany with 200 participants in 2008 or the Actors Roundtable. She invented her Berlinale-accompanying concept "Energizing The Actor", which ran successfully from 2009-2019 during the Berlinale, with the objective to support actors in terms of successful castings and meetings with dialogue partners from the international film-industry.
Throughout Europe, she´s been enjoying an excellent reputation with her acclaimed (post-graduate) master classes for actors & directors.

Greta studied acting and directing at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien in Hannover and at the GITIS Academy in Moscow. Additionally she worked with numerous internationally renowned theatre teachers, like Anatol Vasilijev, and took private lessons with actors from Schaubühne. She also pursued studies with iconic film directors like Andrej Vajda, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Istvan Szabo and Henning Carlsen, to name a few. Greta´s knowledge of directing and acting techniques, from East to West, from stage to screen is unparalleled.

Her long-year teaching experience shows: Greta's students have learned to move elegantly, professionally and charmingly on the international stage of the film, television and theatre industry: they shoot in Europe as in Hollywood, in Asia or in Northern Greenland; they advise business bosses, non-profit NGOs or politicians, or they establish interesting companies themselves. They write plays, scripts, and play in theatres, in Africa, all over Europe; they paint and photograph, and show their best pictures in galleries of the capitals of our continent. They form ensembles and bands, go on tour together, even meet by chance while hiking on the Way of St James. Some also become excellent teachers themselves, because they have learned to combine the different techniques and disciplines into something higher and formative.

They go out into the world to turn it into their world.
Because they know what they can do, have a strong work ethic, are goal-oriented out of a consciousness of their own artistic core, which they discovered and developed in Greta's classes. So they know how to pitch themselves, how to manage an interview or casting with ease, and make an artistic statement that is memorable.
Greta's students know the difference between "personal" and "private", they create an interpersonal space in which one would like to meet them again. They are integrated into international film teams and stage ensembles because they know how to create a lively composition. They also know that they have learned to work beyond all techniques, that they are human beings in their main profession, with shared values, which they keep up communicating where necessary.

They have cultivated themselves, they have learned that the world must first be watched with huge curiosity, before you invite others to go and watch you.
They are personally and politically interested. Simply put, they are educated, self-paced personalities - responsible citizens with an artistic and social vision. In addition to their work in the arts, they also want to address the social, scientific and human aspects of life in our society and shape them responsibly.

Greta Amend European Masterclasses

registration link: https://www.energizingtheactor.com/anmeldung/
Fee: 249€


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erhalten von uns bei Anmeldung eine Ermässigung von 10%! 
Fee: 225€  (statt 249)
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GVL funding (1/3 of the total cost) possible with prior registration with the GVL. https://www.gvl.de/

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